Catherine Bakewell

Young Adult and Middle Grade Fantasy Author

About Me

Catherine Bakewell is a writer, artist, and an opera enthusiast. She has lived in Spain and in France, where she romped through gardens, ate pastries, and worked on her novels. She is represented by Jordan Hamessley at New Leaf Literary and Media, Inc.

Her debut middle-grade fantasy, WE ARE THE SONG, is slated for publication with Holiday House in Spring 2022.

Her debut Young Adult fantasy, FLOWERHEART, will be published by HarperTeen in Winter 2023.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact her at catherinebakewell@gmail.com.

We Are the Song

Middle Grade Fantasy

Holiday House, April 12, 2022

Elissa by Caleb Hosalla

A lush and beautiful fantasy set in a world where music is magic and the fate of many thrones lies with one girl…

Twelve-year-old Elissa has been raised in seclusion as a devotee of the Mother Goddess. She is a special child, a blessed child, a child who can sing miracles into being. Her voice can heal wounds, halt landslides, cure hunger–and even end wars.

But there are those who would use her gift for darker things. And when Elissa finds herself the farthest from home she’s ever been–along with her vain and jealous music tutor, Lucio–she will have to develop the judgment to decide who wants to use her song to heal… and who wants to use her song to hurt.


Young Adult Fantasy

HarperTeen, Winter 2023

Clara and Xavier by Caitlin Patten

Stephanie Guerdan at HarperTeen has bought world English rights to YA debut Flowerheart by Catherine Bakewell, a romantic fantasy set in a cottagecore world. Seventeen-year-old Clara Lucas’s wild magic sets fires and breaks windows— and has now grown flowers in her father’s lungs. To save him, she makes a dangerous bargain with the local wizard, who happens to be her childhood best friend. Publication is planned for winter 2023; Jordan Hamessley at New Leaf Literary and Media brokered the deal.

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